In an attempt to enhance and assist the measures implemented by Cyprus Government for the support of the companies/businesses that are affected by the  scheme adopted in the battle against the expansion of Covid -2019, the Department of Registrar of Companies has issued the following announcements today 24/03/2020:

  • The publication in the Cyprus Gazette of the 3 months notification before the strike out of companies that have not complied with their obligations is suspended until January 2021.
  • The Annual fee payment is extended until 31/12/2020 without the additional 10% and 30% charges.
  • In co- operation with the Parliament, the charge for out of time filing of documents with the Department of Registrar and Official Receiver, will be postponed to 2021
  • The Annual Report, with drafting date 01/01/2020 until 31/12/2020 may be filed until 28/01/2021 without paying the €20 charge